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The production of large-sized parts is often very complex and costly, and requires high-tech machines, great precision and reliability to meet customers’ needs.


This is exactly what is provided by the solution installed in the workshop at Pedrali Meccanica, where the latest machine purchased (a Soraluce milling machine) was equipped with the CNC 8065 numerical control system by Fagor Automation

A successful company: Pedrali Meccanica

Pedrali Meccanica, a mechanical engineering firm specialized in the turning and milling of large-sized parts (up to 60 tons), has always been on the cutting edge, thanks to the development work carried out by its impressive technical office and the continuous renovation of its production machines.

With a team of 39 people highly-qualified in machining processes, it has vast knowledge when it comes to choosing machines in line with its customers requirements. The company leads the large part machining sector, and in spite of the current economic situation, it plans to expand its staff to 45 people over the next two years.

The machine: high rigidity

The Soraluce model installed at Pedrali is an FP 8000-W milling machine. The machine’s structure is made from pearlitic cast iron, with large ribs and dimensions.

The machine stands out for its dimensions, with 8,000 mm of travel on the X axis, 3,200 mm on the vertical Y axis and 1,000 mm on the Z axis. The RAM with 150 mm of removable diameter has 800 mm of travel, and includes a 53 Kw spindle.

The machine has 2 rotary tables measuring 2,500 mm x 2,500 mm each, with a linear travel of 2,000 mm, capable of supporting parts of up to 30 Tm. It also has automatic spindle change and their corresponding magazine.

You choice of numerical control

Such a complex machine, with options to combine milling and turning tasks, automatic spindle change, RTCP, parallel axis management (Z + W + U) and 3D graphic display, requires a really powerful CNC, capable of managing these features. For this reason, Pedrali Meccanica chose Fagor Automation, which in the high-end segment, suggests the CNC 8065 control system. This product is capable of increasing productivity, thanks to two key elements: a short programming time, due to its simple operation and excellent finish in a short machining time, as a result of its high-speed performance.

Customer confidence

Winning and keeping the trust of our customers has always been the philosophy at Fagor Automation: it’s something we still strive for, by developing high-tech products and high-quality services. In this case, we are very pleased to have contributed with a high-performance CNC to improve the quality of a next generation machine and meet the production needs of such an important and prestigious customer as Pedrali Meccanica.

Linear encoders in Closed Loop operation on machine tools ensure that thermal errors and other influences of feed mechanisms are fully compensated. This results in especially accurate dimensions and contours starting from a batch size of one.

With the aid of animations and an example machining operation, the film “Accuracy on Modern Machine Tools” uses a demonstration unit to illustrate how quickly a recirculating ball screw warms up and what effect even a relatively small temperature increase can have without Closed Loop control. Or would you have thought that only ten traversing movements at 60 m/min could increase temperature of a recirculating ball screw by more than 2 °C and, without Closed Loop, result in a table position error of 6 µm !

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